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Acid staining results when metallic salts, in a mild acid solution, react with the minerals present in concrete. This reaction gives the concrete a variegated, mottled, almost marble-like appearance in a variety of earth tone colors. When properly sealed, this effect will not chip, fade or peel and will last the lifetime of the concrete to which it is applied. This reaction varies with each surface so that no two floors look the same. A similar effect can be achieved with non-reactive dyes that offer a wider array of colors and more predictable results than acid stains. The dyes are also more forgiving of blemishes and marks that are created during the construction process and are much better for repairs and touch ups. In addition, the dyeing process takes, on average, a day less than acid staining does. These characteristics are especially critical on commercial projects where schedules are tight and damage to the concrete is often unavoidable. We have years of experience with these products and are experts in overcoming problematic floors.