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Many who choose to acid stain or dye their floors wish to highlight it with scoring, a process of cutting the concrete with diamond edged saw blades. Standard patterns are 2'- 4' blocks laid out parallel or diagonal to existing walls. We also include a 6"-12" border that runs adjacent to the perimeter of each room. More elaborate designs such as double lines with small diamonds, sections with alternating colors and linear designs such as stars, compasses, etc. are also possible. Unlike most companies, our crews are also skilled engravers. This process involves chipping away larger areas of the topmost layer of concrete in a manner that reveals graphic designs and natural patterns. This is particularly useful when company logos or artwork are desired. It is also an excellent way to create the look of stone, brick and wood after a slab has been poured without using overlays and without creating an uneven surface for furniture to sit on. It is especially well suited to exterior porches, patios, driveways, etc.