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Polished concrete has been used primarily in industrial buildings, manufacturing plants and warehouses but is becoming more and more popular in condos, stores, office buildings, public venues and even custom homes. Polished concrete is superior to sealed concrete because there is no topical sealer to scratch or peel and waxing is not required. The surface can be left natural or colored integrally or with dyes during the application process. The final product is created by using specialized equipment to grind existing or new concrete with diamond impregnated pads, disks or wheels until it has been polished to a high shine. The addition of a densifier chemically hardens the concrete and makes it more stain resistant. A less expensive option is now available with a new product we call Burnished concrete. This finish possesses the durability, low maintenance and easily repaired qualities of polished concrete at a sealed concrete price. This process requires that we diamond grind just enough to smooth the concrete, stain the floor, harden it with a densifier and then seal the surface with lithium sealers. In the final step, we basically "melt" the sealer into the concrete at a temperature of 98° with a high speed burnisher. The resulting floor has a beautiful matte finish that does not scratch or need waxing.